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Signs of the Times... and Panic Over TP.

1. Target shoppers wearing masks and gloves to go shopping for groceries as well as items for entertainment.

2. Megan Donavan, Target Beauty Consultant, stocking shelves after the stay-at-home order was put into effect. Donavan wears gloves to protect her grandparents, who live with her family. She said her father created safety measures when she comes home from work to make sure they are not spreading the virus.

3. Target put signs up indicating purchase limitations on many goods in the store to keep guests from buying all the product. The sign sits on an empty shelf where cleaning supplies are normally.

4. The Montrose Family Worship Center changed its sign to let practitioners know it will not be hosting its annual Friday fish fry or regular church services.

5. The Montrose Eternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) Center canceled its St. Patricks Day festivities, leaving its parking lot barren of cars and its doors locked to the public.

Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, pasta, rice and bread. Amid the global pandemic, announced on March 11th, many US citizens have panic purchased products in bulk leaving shelves at local grocery stores, retail outlets and other box stores barren. According to Michigan.gov there are now 9,334 confirmed cases in the state as of April First and 337 deaths to date.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the immediate closure of Michigan bars and restaurants by 3 p.m on March 16th. Many other businesses have temporarily closed down due to COVID-19, including churches, activity halls and community centers. Businesses have posted notices on their doors and road signs about closures or adjusted hours.

With many Americans staying at home, out school and work, others are still heading out to go shopping for items to cure boredom. Essential workers, who otherwise would like to stay home, are braving their workplaces to keep people supplied with common necessities as well as non-essential items.

These workers continue to stock shelves, clean, and assist those in need by putting themselves and their families at risk. Essential businesses include emergency services, grocery stores, certain government agencies, waste disposal, some child care services, convenience stores, pharmacies,  gas stations and banks.

The effect of this virus has left millions of other service workers out of a job with questions of how they will pay their bills. The White House announced plans to send aide to Americans during this national emergency, with the Senate passing a $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill. Steven Mnuchin, White House Treasury Secretary, said they are looking into sending checks to Americans immediately.

The White House and other governmental departments are rushing to authorize the Internal Revenue Services' ability to send millions of American's $1,200 payments per adult. To date, April 3rd, American's have not received any stipends from the government but have received notifications from banks and the IRS.

Businesses and households are in a state of financial crisis waiting for assistance from the state and federal governments. COVID-19 has changed the world drastically in only a few months with the possibility of lasting even longer into the summer.

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