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A Steller Way to Tell Stories

With many new restrictions added to the stay at home order, safety has become a huge concern for front line workers and journalists alike. That is why I have chosen to turn the camera on my family and document how we live during quarantine. Now, normally I would jump on the chance to go out to document events or people during these times but, being an "essential worker" myself I haven't had the desire to put my family at more risk of exposure by going on unnecessarily. Working in an essential position has caused a lot of stress and anxiety about leaving the house, so being able to turn the camera toward myself let me decompress from the stress of quarantine. Using an innovative app called, Steller Stories, I created a slide by slide story about my daily life in quarantine and what I do at home. Most of it has not changed too much but there were small differences to the norm that can be seen in the story. I'd never used the Steller app before but found it to be an exciting new tool for journalists to capture events or peoples lives and showcase them in a new unique way. Steller allows the user to pick different styled slides and add text or images. This method of storytelling helps the user organize events and thoughts, telling the story from start to finish. I enjoyed being able to use the app and see all it has to offer. I explored the different slide styles, image slide and ways to use text to compliment the story. Steller was very fun and something I will continue to use for photojournalism.

My Steller story shows my everyday life with an interview slide from my brother about what he thinks of the quarantine and the global pandemic. It shows a daily routine and is complimented with my own thoughts on what is going on in life.

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